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Your acceptance of this disclaimer of qualitybuy.com site (hereinafter referred to “this Site”) is the premise of using qualitybuy.com (hereinafter referred to “QB”) service. Before using this Site, you agreed tothoroughly read, understood and agreed with these terms and conditions (hereinafter referred to “T&C”) or frequently asked questions (hereinafter referred to “FAQ”)

1. Revisions to Terms of Service111

QB reserves the rights to revise the content of this Site or products, services, price, and service commitment, etc. Amendment will be immediately effective and become part of the T&C and your continue use of our services indicates your acceptance on the revised T&C. In case of any dispute,the latest T&C should prevail.

2. Member Applications

Those wishing to become members (hereafter referred to as "Prospective Members") shall in compliance with the laws or regulations that may arise from services provided by QB.Membership will be granted to the qualified member with fully legal capacity hereby.

The membership shall be deemed to be declined if any of the following situations are applicable to the Prospective Members.QB reserves the rights to reject providing services to any Prospective Members including but not limited to below:

  • in the event that Prospective Members is a minor without consent from a legal guarantor;
  • in the event that the Prospective Members is ineligible to use services due to previous breach of the T&C or other such reasons;
  • in the event of any form of conduct liable to interfere or otherwise impact the running of QB, the provision of the service or the usage of the service by other members;
  • in the event of any other conduct deemed inappropriate by QB.

Services would not be provided to any frozen accounts and blacklisted members due to forced termination or malicious provision of incomplete and inaccurate information.

To avoid the above situations from occurring, you should agree to

  • provide real, accurate and complete information of your current situations of you and your company during registration;
  • provide real, accurate and complete information of your items and deliveries;
  • to ensure that all the items requested are legally eligible to be delivered by QB;
  • ensure that you have paid the full amount to QB and any necessary amounts to be settled to Customs or any other Government Departments;
  • other regulations, rules, instructions etc. shown in these T&C.

3. Treatment of Personal Information

QB may use information of members, including their member ID, name, gender, email address, telephone number, post/zip code, address, employer and department, nicknames, member name, date of birth, credit card details, purchase history, incentive scheme balance and incentive scheme usage history, in order to fulfill any of services provided by QB only.

In accordance with the privacy policy, QB shall adequately protect personal data and shall ensure that no personal data is provided to a third party in such a format that could enable the identification of individuals.

4.Contents of the Service and Disclaimer Clause

The service is an intermediary delivery service whereby products purchased by a member from a domestic/oversea retailer, either online or by mail order, sent to QB and then shipped to the member (hereinafter referred to “Services”).

QB is not party to the product sales contract with the retailer and therefore accepts no liability whatsoever for any issues relating to the product, including defects or intellectual property violations.

QB is not party to the product delivery contract with the couriers and therefore accepts no liability whatsoever for any losses or damage sustained by the member as a result of non-delivery, late delivery, breakages or other issues relating to delivery, prior to the custodian of QB.

5. Products Excluded from the Service

All products eligible for delivery via the Services are limited to the scope specified by any relevant laws, T&C or other such regulations.

Members shall not use the Services in any way that exceeds the scope specified by any relevant laws, T&C or other such regulations. The products are prohibited included but not limited to followings:

  • any dangerous goods, hazardous material, prohibited or restricted articles by IATA (International Air Transport Association), and ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization),etc;
  • items whose transport, export and import are prohibited or restricted in accordance with the law in the importing or exporting country, state or local government (including intermediate countries);
  • any other items not authorized under the carrier’s terms of QB;
  • any other items deemed to be inappropriate by QB.

6. Goods Inspection

QBis under no obligation to carry out such inspections however, inspection results do not represent a guarantee of any sort with regard to the quality of the relevant product, the presence or absence of defects, authenticity or the occurrence of any violation of applicable legislation in the country of origin, or destination or intermediate countries.

In the event that an inspection,QB discovers goods that potentially in violation of or are suspected of being in violation of any laws for prevention of transfer of criminal proceeds or other applicable legislation, QB may take steps such as notifying the police or other government agency or surrendering the items in question.

Nevertheless, QB reserves the rights to conduct any inspection, including open any package to inspect its contents, however,QB accepts no liability for any losses or damage incurred by the member due to goods inspection and implementation of this entry.

7. Service charges Payment Policy

Rights are reserved by QB to charge service fees on agreed upon price, and rights are also reserved to amend the price from time to time without prior notice.

The pricing scheme right is reserved by QB, and the pricing is primarily based on the goods/parcels’ actual weight, dimension and shipping line, etc. QB will re-measure and re-weight the goods/parcels, but not only based on the volumetric weight that was provided by shipper/member to final confirm the service fees. Members shall be solely liable for all costs and expenses incurred related to the shipment and in either returning the shipment to the shipper or warehousing that pending disposition.

Services fees include one-way transportation from oversea designated warehouse to Hong Kong pick up points. Members shall be liable for any customs duties or other fees (if any) incurred during the transportation of the goods from QB to the members’ place (hereinafter referred to as “Additional Expenses”). QB is under no obligation to pay Additional Expenses on behalf of any shipper/member.

In the event that members fail to settle any outstanding service fees or Additional Expenses for more than THREE months, QB reserves the right to withhold, resell or dispose the goods permanently without prior notice.

8. Suspension and Termination of Services

If any of the following grounds are applicable, QB may interrupt or suspend all or part of the Services with no prior notice to members.

  • in the event of unauthorized usage of the member's ID or password to access this Site or in the event that the member allows such actions to take place;
  • in the event that the member fails to make payment of charges by the specified date;
  • in the event that the member has proceedings filed against them, including seizure, provisional seizure, provisional injunction, compulsory execution, bankruptcy or civil rehabilitation, or files for such proceedings themselves;
  • in the event that the member has incorrectly entered their password on more occasions than permitted by QB;
  • in the event that the member has not used the Services for a period of time specified by QB;
  • on the event that the member has breached other provisions set out in the T&Cs or separate terms;
  • in the event that QB deems the relevant party to be ineligible for membership for any other reason;

QB shall accept no liability whatsoever for any losses or damage sustained by customers as a result of interruptions to or the suspension of the provision of the Services.

9. Prohibited Conduct

Members shall not engage in any of the following forms of conduct or any form of conduct that could potentially be regarded as such in relation to their usage of the Service.

  • invade this Site’s or a third party’s intellectual property rights including trademarks, copyrights, appearance patents, invention patents, image rights, advertising rights, and other rights;
  • fraud and other criminal acts;
  • disguised as a third party to use this QB’s services;
  • improper use of this Site or the third party’s facilities, or obstruction of operations;
  • behavior related to the violation of law, this Agreement or a particular agreement, and violation of public order and morals;
  • jeopardizing of this T&C operations;
  • any other behavior that QB deems improper.

If this Site incurs any losses due to a member’s violation of this agreement or a particular agreement, QB has the right to ask for compensation from the member.

10. Governing Law and Jurisdictional Court

This agreement shall be construed in accordance with the laws of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and the parties shall submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region in the event of dispute.